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I am able to offer a range of services through a combination of facilitation, skills development and counseling and coaching interventions. Although my primary area of focus is as a professional facilitator of strategy.

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Facilitation is about creating an encouraging and participative space. When people are engaged (both left and right brain) and have their energy directed towards outcomes in a positive way – there’s likely to be high levels of buy-in and commitment. That’s critical if you’re serious about making progress and wanting real change.

It takes a certain amount of courage on the part of the company because it’s about real consultation not window dressing…but it provides an opportunity to, in the words of Tom Peters,’ justify their choosing to invest their most precious resources: their time and emotional commitment.’

“I hate the terms organizational change, empowerment and motivation. We don’t ‘change’ people (or organizations). We don’t empower people (or organizations). We don’t motivate people (or organizations). Scrap those terms. Stomp on them! Every one of them. At the risk of sounding too much like Tony Robbins, I say: we awaken the latent talent already within those who work with (or for) us… by providing opportunities that justify their choosing to invest in us their most precious resources: their time and their emotional commitment .”

Facilitated interventions have included: strategic planning and alignment, leadership development, team performance, conflict resolution, values implementation, policy creation and adherence, client service, IT processes, HR processes and re-design, refinement of policies and procedures, workflow analysis and program design, innovation, change management, company conferences and breakaways, company mergers and culture alignment and consultative committee induction.

“We treat innovation as if it were magical, not subject to guidance or nurturing, much less planning. If we study history, however, we know that’s simply untrue. There are times, places and conditions under which innovation flourishes.”


skills development

Seeing people develop skills and grow in confidence contributes to my own sense of purpose, probably why I started out in teaching and have continued to work with individuals and teams building select skills.

I love taking a brief from a client and doing the research and customisation required to deliver a programme that speaks to a specific need.

It really is a privilege doing this type of work and meeting such a variety of people who’re open to finding new ways of approaching their work and setting the bar a little higher.

“The first essential for advancement in knowledge is for men to be willing to say ‘we do not know’”

Interventions have included: continuous engagement skills development programmes specifically for young graduates needing to be fast-tracked in leadership positions – personal impact, facilitation, time management and decision making. Other customised skills programmes have included: sales and branding techniques, leadership development, coaching and mentoring for managers, team process, participation and engagement skills, personality profiling (Insights Discovery®) and relationship building, business writing, handling conflict, constructive meetings and negotiation, managing change, innovation and creative thinking, decision-making, NLP techniques, telephone techniques and call centre skills and presentation strategy, delivery and visuals.

“Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration and expectation.”


counseling and coaching

Sometimes it takes a little more than being part of a group intervention and then I’m keen to spend time coaching individuals one-on-one. This ensures they feel supported in the changes they need to bring about both individually and within their teams and companies.

“Most of us plateau when we lose the tension between where we are and where we ought to be.”

Interventions have included: one-on-one and small group coaching and counseling, personality profiling (Insights Discovery®) where appropriate (new or working with existing profiles), leadership style, facilitated conflict counseling between parties, presentation delivery and NLP tools and techniques to support individual and group change.

strategy @ work: strategic themes and actions
Strategic planning VS strategic control
Change management interventions
Values definition and business alignment
Re-positioning inner and outer company client service
Key client focus groups and key account strategy
Innovation at work and ‘serious play’
Persuasive messaging and presentation strategy (structuring, visual design and coaching delivery)
Sales strategy, questioning technique (needs analysis)

“The organisations we created have become tyrants. They have taken control, holding us fettered, creating barriers that hinder rather than help our business. The lines we drew on our neat organisational diagrams turned into walls that no-one can scale or penetrate or peer over.”