Claire Anderson’s Bio

I am a professional facilitator, experienced facilitating in a variety of different settings and in the achievement of a number of key objectives.  I am driven by a strong purpose & client centred approach and the satisfaction of seeing real change and meaningful engagement between individuals and within groups in the pursuit of the best strategy.

I specialise in developing specific interventions in response to client needs and these vary in length and methodology, as well as scope. I have a wealth of multi-sector (Business & NGO experience), having been responsible for developing and implementing numerous engagement projects, focused on achieving a variety of strategic objectives for my clients.   I have worked with clients in South Africa & Namibia, the United Kingdom, (including Wales & Scotland), Tanzania, Senegal, Kenya and Sweden, as well as clients from Canada, in the delivery of projects.

In my role as a consulting facilitator, I am well versed in understanding organisational issues and needs, creating tailored proposals in response and designing, developing & implementing sessions that support the achievement of key organisation-wide strategies. I trust my ongoing experience in this role ensures high levels of frankness, objectivity and insight, key in supporting open and creative strategic planning through participative sessions.

As the facilitator I will be able to add to and ensure the achievement of a positive, participative dynamic. This stems from my being well-versed in working with a number of stakeholders and understanding the need for engagement, collaboration, real ownership, as well as mutual respect, understanding and diversity.

I started my own business consultancy (initially Facilitation Netwx and then Claire Anderson Consulting) as I was wanting to provide an innovative and focused approach to business strategy and communication challenges.