seeing red?

Anger is always a tricky one and not particularly helpful when turned in on itself or targeted at others. However, it is an amazing catalyst for change and without it we’d tend to stay stuck…immobile.

If something moves us enough to get angry we’re usually ready to move a little more in response and do something about it. That’s why conflict before sessions is good – it shows we haven’t stopped caring yet and during? – well that’s my job to handle.

After? Let’s just say if you’re still feeling angry you may have made a decision to hang onto it, as it’s become a familiar and ‘comforting’ sound track, that you’re not quite ready to let go.

But usually once there’s action being taken and progress made – anger isn’t needed any more. Until we need to challenge the status quo again.

“I happen to believe that all innovation comes, not from market research or carefully crafted focus groups but from pissed-off people.”                     – Tom Peters, Re-Imagine!

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