about Claire

As a business consultant I believe in the value of professionally facilitated interventions to ensure companies are able to determine appropriate courses of action in efficient and consultative ways and with the emphasis on high levels of performance and results.

Eat, drink and sleep the project from start-up to report delivery – it’s about project focus and commitment

Get close to the industry, take an in depth interest, be intensely curious about the client’s world and company reality

Enjoy multi-sector exposure, have the capacity to ‘think outside the industry’ – I’m not blinkered by a particular industry model or approach

Be detailed and highly analytical, but don’t overcomplicate

Ensure focused and direct conversations within intense time frames and fast track with an overarching emphasis on quality inputs and outputs

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not strategies.”

I believe in the value of getting key players together to strategise and have spent my work career perfecting skills to facilitate the most constructive interventions.

Every project I do is in response to a unique scenario and designed to get my client to their preferred outcome in the most efficient and resourceful way.

I don’t think it’s about how many business models you use, although it’s good to know your stuff, it’s more about making sure that when you do bring people together, you maximise on their inputs, so you’re able to walk away with a sense of clarity and re-engagement around the issues that count.

“Have a bias towards action – let’s see something happen right now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.”

I’ve built my own business model in such a way that I am intensely involved in each project from start-up to delivering the final report. In this way, you get to brief the person who is going to facilitate your group, there’s no account executive, there’s me, wanting to know your business and industry inside out.

The high levels of trust ensure frank, open discussions, where you’re able to share the challenges you face – neutral, no agenda, and safe. The value to client is a space where there’s no vested interest and you do not have to watch what you say. The advantage of the consulting relationship is that you don’t need to watch your back – you say what’s really going on and what keeps you up at night!

I am committed to doing work that is meaningful.  I care and so I relate quickly and easily and focus on engaging with others and ensuring they are at ease.   Doing what I do, I really need to be a good listener.  Authenticity is important to me and showing up open and accessible with a dedication to creating an environment that encourages others to do the same.